Our Baby Doods is Perfection

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After losing our Doodle this past Fall we began looking for a Miniature Goldendoodle. The process was exhausting after encountering many “scammers”. That is until I stumbled across Clinton and Kristina. From my first conversation with Clinton, there was no question whether or not we wanted a puppy of theirs. The best part was that they were local to us! From updates, to choosing our puppy, to picking him up-all was easy, professional and exciting! In one conversation Kristina and I had, she said something that has stayed with me~their puppies will tell you where they came from. No truer words could’ve been spoken. From the day we brought Milo (aka Teddy) home you could tell that he had been loved and very well cared for! Just the kind of home you want your new baby coming from! We’ve had him 6 weeks today. He was house trained within a couple of days. He’s incredibly smart, confident and sweet. He sits, stays, comes, shakes, lays down and walks like a lil’ man on a leash. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy and are over the moon in love with him!
We highly recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies! Thank you Clinton, Kristina and Family!

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