We live our new family member

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We were on the lookout for a Cavalier King Charles when we stumbled upon the Hopeful Dreams website. Upon seeing the photo of Miss Josie (Her name is now Maple 🍁 ) we were instantly smitten with this spunky looking little Cockalier ….2 weeks later our family was welcoming this adorable, playful and snuggly pup into our lives. Maple brings so much constant laughter into our home with her funny and mischievous ways, and *bonus* our kids have really proven that they can be responsible with pet care. Every person she meets on our daily walks thinks she is just the cutest, we feel like we have a celebrity puppy with us every time we go out because she gets so much attention. We have passed your website onto countless friends over the last 2 months wanting to know where we got her from – the process of adopting our pup was easy, fast and efficient and all during this strange time of Covid and quarantine. Thank you for helping us get exactly the puppy we were searching for!

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