Astounding Genetic Results; WISDOM PANEL Canine DNA Test

Lola 4 months final

I always recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies whether I am talking to friends & family or customers on the phone at work. I provided the contact info to a customer of mine yesterday. I put my beautiful Lola on a Wellness Plan at the vet and the DNA test is part of the package. I was beyond thrilled, overjoyed, and relieved to get the test results back. My baby girl is as healthy as a dog can possibly be! Because of responsible and honest breeders that have a true love and passion for animals, I have a beautiful companion that will live a long and healthy life! My Mini Goldendoodle tested 50/50 Golden Retriever & Miniature Poodle, was cleared of more than 158 conditions & mutations that could potentially cause her to become ill or shorten her lifespan.
God Bless all that contribute to Hopeful Dreams and your beautiful pups!
Love and Gratitude Always!
Patty and Lola (woof)

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