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A gorgeous female Boston terrier

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I’m very happy Kristine and Clinton was a wonderful process for this little angel that we got to join our family. We drove for 5 and a half hours but it was well worth it. I highly recommend this family to give you the joy of companionship of any kind of dog.

Heather Ladjahasan

Highly Recommended

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Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies was for us, a pleasant stumble-upon. After months of waiting for a puppy from a different breeder, they made our dreams come true. Not only did they return our calls timely when we left messages, their professionalism, customer service, and ability to connect with our needs, was the primary reason we ultimately chose them. They sent us photos and videos of Nelo, and it was clear that she was well-loved and cared for. There was a nominal delivery fee, and she came with all of medical records and other papers exactly as it was explained to us.
Obviously, every business gets judged by its merit: They gave us all the advice we needed for our puppy, recognizing that every puppy is unique to every owner. They were candid in responding to all of our concerns and answering all of our questions, that there was no room for any misunderstanding or misconceptions. Clinton and Kristina were also still there for us months after we got our puppy. For anyone looking for a puppy for their loving home, you can’t go wrong with Hopeful Dreams. We highly recommend them.

Lisa & Ike

Ike & Lisa

Bought my dream yorkie from the Martin Family

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I purchased my dream Yorkie from the Martin Family in March of 2020. I must honestly say that I have never met a more loving, friendly, and welcoming family than this family. I made several visits to the Martin home before receiving my puppy. I was always greeted at the door with the happiest kids, and Mrs. Martin always was so cheerful and pleasant to deal with. I HIGHLY recommend if you want a superb quality, family raised, smart pup, then definitely look no further than the loving Martin Family!

Kristine Pike

Wonderful family raising wonderful puppies

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I recently had the pleasure of working with the Martins to obtain my beautiful cockapoo puppy, Tilly. This family was very accommodating. When I voiced my inability to obtain her immediately and they offered to work something out so I could obtain her at my convenience.
Tilly is a happily adjusted, thriving female who is in great shape according to my Vet. I would not hesitate purchasing another dog from them!

Susan McLaughlin

What a wonderful family to purchase my puppy from!

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What a wonderful family to purchase my puppy from!!! The Martins were incredible and I would recommend them to everyone!! They were very accommodating and super sweet!! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to get my Molly Mae from them! She is a Schnoodle and has brought so much joy to me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Charlotte Russell

What a great job the Martin family did with our puppy! So Happy!!

We bought a party colored female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel this year. We are so pleased and amazed at all the personal handling of our new puppy!! We took her to our vet of many years and she was very pleased with the puppy and all the documentation that came with her. The documents made our first vet visit easy and our vet greatly appreciated it. We are so pleased and the puppy in very intelligent as well. What a great job the Martin family did with our puppy!! So Happy!! Thank you Clinton and Christine Martin and children for a great job with this perfect puppy!!!

Carla Cyr

We’re So Grateful!

dex first day of daycare

We were blessed to adopt our CockaPoo, Dexter, from the Martins in May 2021. The adoption process managed to be both very professional and very loving and family-oriented at the same time. Every day he is a joyful bundle of happy puppy energy, and is the most loving and affectionate pup I’ve ever known. He’s a year old now and at 28 pounds, he’s the perfect size for us. He’s got some mighty fine genetics to be this grand a fellow! We’re so grateful to the Martins. Thank you!

Connie Sagona

Couldn’t be happier!

We recently purchased the best puppy ever! Our Cavapoo named Charlie! We kept his name, as it suits him very well. A huge thank you to Clinton and Kristina! Our family is complete! We just love him!!

~Kim and Matt

Kim Hibbard

We adopted a female Yorkie

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We adopted a female Yorkie on 1/21/20 and are completely in love with our almost two pounds of hyperactivity! She is beyond the funniest critter we’ve ever owned! #MazieGrace

Susan Calderone

Our Baby Doods is Perfection

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After losing our Doodle this past Fall we began looking for a Miniature Goldendoodle. The process was exhausting after encountering many “scammers”. That is until I stumbled across Clinton and Kristina. From my first conversation with Clinton, there was no question whether or not we wanted a puppy of theirs. The best part was that they were local to us! From updates, to choosing our puppy, to picking him up-all was easy, professional and exciting! In one conversation Kristina and I had, she said something that has stayed with me~their puppies will tell you where they came from. No truer words could’ve been spoken. From the day we brought Milo (aka Teddy) home you could tell that he had been loved and very well cared for! Just the kind of home you want your new baby coming from! We’ve had him 6 weeks today. He was house trained within a couple of days. He’s incredibly smart, confident and sweet. He sits, stays, comes, shakes, lays down and walks like a lil’ man on a leash. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy and are over the moon in love with him!
We highly recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies! Thank you Clinton, Kristina and Family!

Jenelle Pachter

We adopted Sammy (aka Mr. Munchkin) male Schnoodle

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Sammy is so smart and so cute! We love him! This adorable little Schnoodle brings so much joy and happiness to our family every day. He is healthy, happy, doing really good with the training and adjusting very well with our daily routines. Hopeful Dreams was a pleasure to deal with and made the process so smooth and easy. We highly recommend them! We have been looking to adopt the right puppy for a long time. So glad the Martins made our dreams come true! Our family is complete! Thank you!

Ed and Joanne Dunn

Puppy Love

Mr Bingo

We have been blessed to find such a wonderful breeder in Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. Our little guy, Mr. Bingo, has been and absolute joyous edition to our family and even our extended family and friends. He is the “star” of the neighborhood, and the talk of the town! I am so glad that we found your website. We are planning on getting another puppy from Hopeful Dreams as soon as we move into a larger home, hopefully early 2021!


The Stanley Family

The Stanley Family

“Nebraska” now “Bubbles” Cavachon from current litter

We couldn’t be happier with the new addition that we received on Aug. 17. Everybody that sees him falls in love instantly, as did we, and he loves everyone he meets. He is smart, spunky as they say, but most importantly loving. The Martin’s did a great job getting him ready to go out into the world and instantly adapt to a new family. The pictures and videos they sent were also great since we couldn’t get there to actually meet.
Since we were not able to get there, they put us in touch with Karen Pullano, who brought him to us. She was a pleasure to work with, sent texts and pictures whenever they stopped along the way and made it a comfortable trip for him.
We are looking forward to a great time with this little guy and can’t thank the Martin’s enough for working with us.

Charles Brine

A wonderful experience!

Thank you to Christina and her family for helping us find Mason, the newest addition to our family. Christina was so flexible and met us twice, both times offering her home to us when we unexpectedly called last minute. Christina was very knowledgeable and her kindness pours out of her. The family had already worked on training Mason and you can tell how much time and love she puts into her puppies. Thank you, Christina, for the blessings that you gave to my husband and I as we chose our Mason! You all are amazing!!!!

Valarie Drown

Great addition

image scaled

I’m writing to say how happy I am that we got sir buster the Shih Tzu aka (Avicii) from Clinton and Christina last week. He is such a smart and well trained boy. He came home and wa already peeing an pooping most the time on his pee pads and now a week later is pooping and peeing outside. I credit hopeful dreams with the excellent training and family atmosphere they raise the puppies in which is why he is so far advanced. Also they were always there to answer any questions I had even if they didn’t answer they called me right back and even met me half way to pick my boy up so I didn’t have to drive 5 hrs the whole way .We are So grateful thank you for our little man. Already in love

James Abasciano

Fabulous Puppy

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Couldn’t be more pleased with the loveable little puppy!

Grace Collette

Happy, Healthy Puppy from this great Family breeder!

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I was so thrilled to come across this wonderful family Breeder! When we saw a puppy we were interested in adopting. Everything was made easy from start to finish. I love that the puppies are played with by their children and also around adult dogs. So when Diesel (aka. Sir Timmy our Morkie poo) entered into our busy house of six, he fit right in. Diesel loves everyone and other dogs. We have a 9-year-old Cockerpoo. Because of the poo breed in Diesel, he has responded very well to the positive training we’ve doing to teach him boundaries. Thank you for our added blessing to our family.

Susan O’Connell

Beautiful Family with Beautiful Pups

Just recently visited Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. What a wonderful experience. Clinton and Kristina were very patient and informative with us. Long story short… we purchased two fur babies, Shadow the Shih-Tzu (aka Gimpy) and Mr. Zerenus the Shorkie (aka My-Low). We highly recommend this family if you’re looking for a new fur baby to love. Beautiful family. Open and honest. Can’t go wrong. Thank you again! Will keep in touch.

Travis and Paulette Biehl

Hopeful Dreams is Fantastic!

20200527 151706 scaled

I could not be happier with my experience with Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. My puppy Indy was very well taken care of and has been fantastically well behaved since the day I picked her up. Everyone working at Hopeful Dreams is incredibly kind and helpful and all the puppies are beautiful.

Brad Willett

Mazey formerly Macey

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Absolutely the best experience. Caring, knowledgeable, and sensitive contact throughout the adoption. Mazey is social loving and playful. A true testimony of the environment she was raised in.

Highly recommend adoption here. ❤️

Leisha Eaton

Mr Tinker is now named Bandit

We love him so much! He is well behaved and doing well. Other than our puppy, we want to thank Clinton and his family for everything and great services and he went out of his way to make sure our puppy was delivered safely.

Shirley Bowler

Great People & Amazing Pup!

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This family is so sweet and we couldn’t imagine life without our Oliver Calvin Vincent – he’s the best dog and companion. 🐶

Amanda & Steven Vincent

Great Experience

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We adopted a Yorkshire terrier and it was such a fantastic experience from start to end. We are about 4 1/2 hours away and were able to meet a family friend of theirs somewhere in between. He is a wonderful little puppy and just got a perfect bill of health from the vet. I highly recommend Hopeful Dreams.

Jeff & Shannon Leafer

Worth the drive from Maine!

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Our Schnoodle puppy is adorable and so well adjusted! Clinton and Kristina are such kind people, and you can tell that they and their children do a fine job raising and socializing their puppies. Instead of 5 stars, I want to give them 6!

Doug Henry

So very happy and thankful that I came across Hopeful Dreams online!

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What a wonderful family! It was such a pleasure dealing with Kristina and Clinton. I am so in love with my little Shihpoo, Dandy/Opie. I have to thank their daughter Kristina Rose too. I believe the bond she had with him helped shape the loving, gentle pup that he is.

You can tell my pup was raised with so much love and attention. I love that he was part of the family. I cannot thank you all enough!

Diane Sylvia

Faith-Family-Friends and the Best Puppy!

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During this difficult time I drove ten hours round trip to pick up our third dog, Finnigan. He is the most loving, happy, healthy, playful, smart 4-pound cavapoo (see photo). What a wonderful addition to our family. He has a big sister, Hannigan, and they have become great friends. I would strongly recommend this family for your puppy needs.

Sheila Kubinski

We drove from NH!

20200111 135202 scaled

We drove from NH across Lake Champlain and back again 500 miles to pick up our little Teddy who was a gift for 3 of my grandchildren. He is the cutest, lovable little thing and they love him to bits. No kennel cough… nothing. His health is excellent. He’s smart and loves to be with the kids. I highly recommend the Martin’s for puppies.

Debra DElia

Healthy, Happy, and Super Sweet Pup!

Our Family

We adopted our miniature dachshund Kirby (previously known as Mr. Tanner) in September of 2020. It was extremely clear that the Martin family took great care of him before he finally came home to us. We received pictures and videos and they were great at communicating with us about our concerns. The drivers met us about halfway to pick Kirby up and everything has been perfect since then. He is in excellent health and has been so sweet since day one. He has a big personality for such a little dog! We are so grateful to the Martins that we got to bring Kirby into our family and everything about the experience has been wonderful.
If any of “Mr. Tanner’s” siblings would like to see what he’s up to these days, feel free to follow him on Instagram! He is @kirby.the.doxie.

Erin Laxton

Wonderful experience

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Clinton & Christina Martin have been wonderful to work with! The Martins are a beautiful family who all take such great care of their animals. Being that they are local to my husband & I, it was easy for us to stop by and meet the puppies before making our choice as to who would fit best in our home. The Martins have been very accommodating to us during this process of welcoming a new furry family member into our household. They respond quickly to messages and phone calls, ready to answer any questions you may have. They keep meticulous records of the puppies vaccinations & health records. Our puppy is healthy, happy & it’s been quite apparent from day one that he’s been well socialized while residing with Clinton, Christina & their children. Thank you again so much 😊

Jill & Steven Gordon

We love the pups!

We adopted 2 pups, 2 weeks ago. A schnoodle Peachy and a cavapoo Shelly. They love their new names Willow and Winnie.
They are best buddies. Clinton and Kristina and family were so sweet and helpful. I would stromgly recommend adopting any of these pups as they are healthy and come from a great clean and nurturing home. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. These 2 have become valued treasured family now!
With happy puppy love,
Debbie and Jon Best
518 225 2802

Debra Best

Our new beloved family member!

image 1 scaled

We are so in love with our cockapoo puppy! Originally named Mr. Fred – he is now renamed Jordan! Jordan has an amazing personality and temperament. We just love him. Looking forward to showering him with a lifetime of doggie happiness. 🙂 Thank you for raising a great pup!

Jenny Wilkins North

No Puppy is Perfect But Baxter Sure is CLOSE

We have been fortunate to have had a number of great dogs over the last 40 years. From our wedding present, a golden retriever, to an adopted mutt, to two Portuguese Water Dogs, but Baxter has outdone them all. Affectionate and smart with a personality that makes everyone fall in love. Thanks for helping us to add Baxter to our family – you made it easy…

Nancy-Chris Grejtak

Great puppies, wonderful family to work with!

IMG 20200324 120303 614 scaled

We purchased our puppy Batman (formally known as Frisky) about a month ago and he has settled right in with our family. In fact, I don’t think we would be doing as well as we are during these difficult times without our furbaby. Kristina and Clinton were very easy to work with over the phone. They answered all of our questions, and the delivery option to meet partway instead of driving all the way to them was perfect for us and the fee was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy.

Kimberly Mercado-Hernandez

Wonderful Experience!!

fluffy black and brown puppy

Our family recently purchased a Shorkie pup from Hopeful Dreams and the experience was wonderful from the first phone call to delivery of our new bundle of joy! Clinton and Christina were very thoughtful while answering all of my questions and also accommodating when deciding on delivery options.
We received a happy, healthy puppy. It was obvious that he was well cared for and socialized while in the care of Clinton and Christina. We brought him home and he fit right in with our other dog and children with no issues. We would highly recommend Hopeful Dreams if you’re considering bringing a new pup into your home. They truly were wonderful to work with!

Erica Noonan

Just more joy then we ever imagined

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Our golden doodle is now a year and a half and we are loving every minute. He loves to play with other dogs, takes long walks and LOVES the snow (we think this is because he was born in the North country). Today walking with a new few inches of snow, I think he decided to audition for Santa. Thank you for an amazing gift.

Joyce Hooley Bartlett

Our bundle of joy!

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Our family is the happiest nowadays. Since we got Teddy (aka Mr. copper) our lives have been reacher, and chipper, full of love, kisses, and some mischief 😉. I found hopeful dreams family through a friend who already got a puppy from them (Teddy’s brother) and on the following day of realizing there is another pup available I was on my way to get Teddy. Dealing with Kristina was a breeze and the pick up went smoothly. Teddy is more than we hoped for. He’s a great combination between a fun youthful puppy to a smart, trainable, and calm dog. He loves car rides, and going for walks outside. My family is in love and our experience thus far has been great. 🥰


Best pup

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We couldn’t be happier for our new pomsky. Very lovable and sociable and in great health. Clayton informed us ahead of time that the puppy is getting treated for diarrhea so we know what to expect. And they meet us halfway from where we are to make the 4 hour trip doable. Can’t believe we own such a beautiful dog.


Awesome breeder

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I bought my little Yorkie there 2 weeks ago and he is amazing. You can tell he came from a loving breeder. I highly recommend her. I would definitely buy another dog from her again. Thanks so much Christina

Nicole Guarino

In love with our Lola

Our beautiful girl came home with us this past Tuesday and she’s everything and more to our family. Working with Kristina and Clinton was easy and they’re great people. I would recommend them to anyone, and when the time comes to add another pup to our family, we would use Hopeful Dreams again without hesitation.

Natalie Mulligan

Our perfect puppy!

We found our perfect puppy Astro (formerly known as Sparky) at Hopeful Dreams. He is a Shichon and was the last of the litter, patiently waiting for us to bring him home! It was obvious to us that he was loved a lot by the Martin family; very healthy and happy. Kristina and Clint were great to work with and we could not be more pleased!

Carolyn Weber

Decent people, adorable puppies

IMG 20200830 164848

Before this experience, I had always adopted older, shelter/rescue dogs, so deciding to get a puppy from someone who raised them was exciting but also filled with many questions and concerns. I did a fair amount searching for a puppy before I found the Martin’s website and was encouraged by all the positive reviews. Indeed, Clinton was wonderful to deal with from start to finish. After I brought my little Elliot (Mr Perki) home and had still more questions, Clinton continued to respond to me in a timely manner and he was very open and helpful in answering my questions. I find the Martins to be kind, honest, and decent people who genuinely care about the pups they raise. My little guy was very social and able to go everywhere with me immediately. Elliot was already crate trained and is a little snuggle bug who just loves to be with me all the time. I could not be more pleased with the experience and would recommend the Martin family to anyone looking for a puppy.

Becky Pollard

King Charles Cavalier

Our puppy in the model of King Charles puppies, she is a party (black, brown and white). Fantastic personality!! Calm and intelligent. We are so happy with the vet care she came with. Clinton and christine were wonderful to work with!

Mona Uckele

Extremely happy with my new baby girl

On Tuesday, the 31st my granddaughter and I made the 296-mile drive to pick up my new addition. It was well worth the trip. I had spoken with Kristina and Clinton prior to adopting Gaby ( aka Jenna) – both were very informative and helpful. Warren and Verna were also great in providing pictures as well as videos to choose my baby mini Goldendoodle.
Our arrival for pickup went very smoothly as Warren and Verna the owners of the mom provided us with all the necessary paperwork for the adoption. Our pup was born and cared for in a very loving family environment. I loved having the opportunity to meet the mom and dad of our Gaby.
Before heading home we met with Kristina and Clinton and their lovely children – where we met Gaby’s dad and purchased a pet baby blanket with toys attached – made by the children. Gaby drags it everywhere.
I brought Gaby to our vet on the 3rd of April and was advised Gaby was in excellent health. I cannot praise hopeful dreams enough. If I ever decided to adopt in the future I would definitely return. I would highly recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies to anyone interested in adopting a pet.

Marianne Boyer

In love with my pup


My husband and I traveled to NY almost one month ago to go pick up our beautiful cockapoo Beth(Now Maya)and we couldn’t be happier. She has been a pure joy to have in our home. Very intelligent and full of energy which is exactly what we needed. We can’t thank Clinton and Kristina enough. If you are searching for a new addition to your family Hopefully dreams family puppies is definitely the place.

Wanda and Junior

Wanda Gonzalez

Thank you!

The Martin family runs a very ethical and compassionate business. Thank you.

Judy Ikels


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Awsome experience definitely would buy another puppy from the Hopeful Dreams family puppies our little dude has brought a bundle of joy to our family

Mark bowles

Ms. Penelope

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Our baby girl Penelope (Penny) the Schnoodle, joined our family on 4/8/2020. She fit right in and is an absolute joy. She is so sweet and playful, we absolutely adore her. Thank you so much for your business, you were a pleasure to deal with.

Krista D.

My Fur Babies! Thank You

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Clinton and Kristina are great to work with. They are very easy to get in contact with and answered all my questions. They went WAY above and beyond to match me with my puppies. They are great people and I highly recommend them. Thanks again. We love our fur babies!! 🐶

Erin Lowell

Trisha the Shiba Inu

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I love my puppy! She is so playful and so loving. Thank you so much for your service – your family is great. You guys are really good people and we had a great conversation. God bless your family and your home. Thank you for welcoming Trisha to my family.

Rosa Morales

We live our new family member

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We were on the lookout for a Cavalier King Charles when we stumbled upon the Hopeful Dreams website. Upon seeing the photo of Miss Josie (Her name is now Maple 🍁 ) we were instantly smitten with this spunky looking little Cockalier ….2 weeks later our family was welcoming this adorable, playful and snuggly pup into our lives. Maple brings so much constant laughter into our home with her funny and mischievous ways, and *bonus* our kids have really proven that they can be responsible with pet care. Every person she meets on our daily walks thinks she is just the cutest, we feel like we have a celebrity puppy with us every time we go out because she gets so much attention. We have passed your website onto countless friends over the last 2 months wanting to know where we got her from – the process of adopting our pup was easy, fast and efficient and all during this strange time of Covid and quarantine. Thank you for helping us get exactly the puppy we were searching for!

Holly stout

We love our new family member!

IMG 7516 scaled

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and care the Martin family provided during the process of adopting our new family member Mr Curtis (the schnoodle newly named Chico). They were prompt at answering questions and providing information. The process was seamless. When I met the puppy, I could tell that he was well cared for, healthy, clean, and happy! Chico is a loving, playful, and super tolerant with all the love and affection our kids give him! He was already crate trained, and did not give us much trouble at all during the nights, which was such a great plus. I have two young kids who give Chico a lot of attention and could tell that he was already used to it, and did not mind at all. We fell in love with his personality and looking forward to seeing him growing with our family! And these days during COVID-19, Chico is my co-worker and my therapy pup, who spends his days laying next to me while I work from home. Even though the price is higher than some other designer breeders, it is totally worth it. The outstanding service and the healthy and happy pups is what you’re getting in return, and you’re supporting a family who truly cares about their animals and takes amazing care of them. I strongly recommend this breeder.

Yuliya Cruz

Morkie Poo

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Our Morkie Poo Nugget was such a welcomed Christmas gift and a great addition to our family! We are all in love!! We can’t thank you enough Kristina and Clinton!! Everyone was fabulous to work with. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional! I highly recommend them when looking for your new family addition ❤️!

Rhea Rapoza

Wonderful family wonderful puppies

We recently acquired our boston terrier puppy from the Martin family. I can’t say enough about how positive our experience was. Our puppy is healthy and so beautiful. He was well socialized and friendly. If we ever get another dog we will go there again.

Luman Pendell

New addition to the family!

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Just got our cavachon today and we love her! So tiny and cute and absolutely loves to cuddle.

Jessica Evans

Puppy Love!

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We are so in love with our Teddy Bear puppy (we named him Teddy). He is adorable, lovable, spunky and most importantly healthy! We had an amazing experience with the Martins at Hopeful Dreams. I highly recommend them.

Beth G.

We picked up the new addition to our family

We picked up the new addition to our family tonight. Kristina and the kids were very patient with us as we took our time selecting the puppy we felt was the best fit for our family. We are very happy with the entire process. We want to express our thanks to the Miller family.

Gary Phillips

Baird our Cavapoo

image e1581344278399

We can’t thank Clinton and his wife for their help in purchasing Baird. Our family of 6 had never had a puppy before. They answered all of our questions, even sent us a video of the puppies we were looking at to see how they all interacted. We are so grateful for our little puppy. I highly recommend that you use Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies because you will not be disappointed.

Sharon Azzam

We love our Baby, Hudson!!

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The adoption process was so much easier than we anticipated! Our family couldn’t be more grateful for Clinton and Kristina. Wonderful breeders who seem to really care about the dogs! They were so open and accommodating! They answered all of my questions with no hesitation including information and photos of the parents. They even sent us videos and photos of Hudson before we decided to adopt him since the drive was kind of far to come meet him! We chose to keep our fur baby’s birth name because our family’s favorite city is, NY. His birthday coincidentally is 9/11! We couldn’t be happier with Hudson, he is a playful, sweet, and loving boy! Thank You, again!

Marissa Baudo

Cavie Love

little boy singing with black and brown puppy

We got Mr. Gizmo a black and tan male cavalier from Kristina and Clinton. We renamed him to Barkley. We lost our last cav a year ago and with COVID-19 regulations mandating staying home, we decided it was a perfect time to get a new furry friend. Kristina and Clinton were very easy to work with and very friendly. They are also very honest about their pups which I appreciate it. Our little guy has an imperfection that can be fixed easily and so I was okay with it especially since they were honest about it. They have several kids so their pups get a lot of socialization which was important to me as I have a young child. When we decided we were going to get a new dog, they were able to arrange a meeting point halfway for the next day! The handoff went smoothly with a lovely couple that they work with. We kept our social distancing and we got all the papers for our pup. He also came microchipped and had a bath the night before! He went to the vet the next day to get rechecked and came home with a clean bill of health! We were so impressed with how fast we were able to get him to our home!! We also got an adorable blanket that their daughter made. It is very soft and has toys tied to it for him o play with. Thank you to Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies!!

Cori Heines

Wonderful puppy and family

This is an excellent home to adopt the puppy you have always wanted! Wonderful family and well cared for puppies. We love ours!

Kevin Doering

Mr shiloh – shih tzu


Looking for a picture of Mr. Shiloh’s mother and father. He joined our family in April.

Heidi devlin

The entire process was fantastic!

20200219 140747 scaled

Our family recently purchased our sweet little Shorkie, Onyx (Mel), from Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies – and what a joy he has been! The entire process was fantastic, and we could not be happier with our healthy, happy little guy!

Heather A Ezzo

New addition to our Family

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So excited and happy with the new addition to our Family, our (ShihTzu) puppy Baylee, aka Dusty. I can’t say enough about the Martins, they are such a sweet family. We are so thankful they made the process easy. All the puppies were clean, healthy and so beautiful. I highly recommend Hopeful dreams family puppies.

Shannan & Charlie Tziolis

Sunny is a ray of sunshine

Sunny Sept 2020

I highly recommend Kristina and Clinton! My experience this past July was just awesome. Sunny is a Poodle-Bichon mix and is the most adorable, sweet, fun, loving, smart puppy in the world! I fell in love with her photo on their website and five days later she was delivered right to my door by their wonderful friends. She is providing a very bright light during these challenging times and is always by my side. She is now 7 months and brings a smile to the face of anyone who meets her. Thank you so much!

Tracey M.

Perfect puppy and awesome breeders!

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We lost our 10 yr old jug recently and wanted a puppy. We bought Jasper. He’s adorable! Wonderful addition to our family. Well taken care of. Christina and Clinton were very nice, answered any questions we had. We will definitely recommend them!

Tabitha Sasenbury

I adopted Tia who is now Noel

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She has been the best girl. She is doing well with pad training and going outside. She is quite and rarely barks.
She sleeps through the night and loves to cuddle.

Robin Comeau

Perfect Pup!

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I highly recommend Hopeful Dream Family Puppies. My Cavachon and this breed fit our family so well. Very healthy, playful and the best personality ever. I made a good choice with this breeder. They were so nice and pickup was perfect for me. I left at 8:30am and was home by 2:30pm with an hour rest. Very happy day!

Anne Price

Our bundle of joy

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I highly recommend Hopeful Dreams. Due to the coronavirus, delivery was difficult but they went above and beyond for my daughter to receive her beautiful girl. She’s so gorgeous! We love Our Luna! When we received her we could tell she was well cared for clean and healthy. You won’t be disappointed!


Two Dachshunds

IMG 0148

We adopted two beautiful mini dachshunds!
Cocoa – formerly Cupid, and Biscuit – formerly Dancer. They had their first vet appointments and are in great health. Kristina and her family really care about the animals and the families that are adopting them. Two dachshunds and double the fun and mischief. We had a wonderful experience with Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies hope you do to.

Carolyn Kleine

My husband and I drove

My husband and I drove our to meet with Clinton and Kristina and see the puppies. We were impressed with the dedication they have for their puppies. We will definitely be getting a puppy the summer. 🙂

Marsha Narwid

We adopted Mr. Hunter. He brought so much love and joy!

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We adopted Mr. Hunter (now Oliver) around Christmas time after a family tragedy. Oliver has brought my family so much love and joy. He is so affectionate and wonderful to the kids and our cats. The Martin’s were kind and caring. They gave us a gift we’ll always be grateful for. When it’s time to get Oliver a companion we will be reaching out to the Martin’s again.

Heather C.

Amazing Experience!

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I purchased Ms. Beulah the Mal-Shi (now Layla) back in July. The process was completely painless and Kristina and Clinton were absolutely amazing! I am so incredibly grateful I found my Layla girl. She has an awesome personality, she’s so playful and sassy – she truly is the best! Thank you!!

Sarah Guerin


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Me and my friend drove to pick up her new puppy, and this family is the sweetest family. It was so easy to reserve her new puppy online, and we were amazed by how friendly they were when we arrived. They made the experience smooth and they had all the paperwork/vet things taken care of, so it was no hassle. I am very grateful for this kind family to give my friend the opportunity to have another lovely puppy in her life (: Little Benny has already been the greatest gift, Thank you so so much (:

Lea Ferland

Beautiful Fur-Baby

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What a loving delivery! The Martin Family entrusted our new bundle with John and Pam who brought Rubi (Pancy) to us. This adoption was seamless. She was all of what we anticipated from the conversations we had! If, or when, we choose to adopt again we will be reaching back out to the Martin Family!!! An amazing experience, thank you!!! We are in love!!!

The Bernard Family

We love our guy!

IMG 5594 scaled e1588772503860

We got Atreyu (then Mr. Tony) from Clinton + his family on 18th April 2020. Clinton answered all of my phone calls and a million of my questions. It was obvious he and his family love their dogs. We could not be happier. Atreyu is a handful, as all pups are, but the first night he whimpered once & was asleep in his crate. Since then he has gotten used to the crate for bedtime as well as naps. And he can go 6-8 hours without peeing/pooping! We are really happy & highly recommend Hopeful Dreams. They met us halfway and made delivery easy, and are so helpful & kind on the phone. Thank you!

Mishka Murad

A new puppy in a week’s time!

20201105 223238

We loved our experience with both Kristina and Clinton and couldn’t be happier with our new little “fur ball”! Great responses to our questions……humor, and easy conversations offered with care and concern made all the details come together for us to pick up Crimson Jay just 6 days ago. No question that these good folks know what they’re doing….. responding in minutes to our texts, and returning calls the same day.
Pam and John delivered our puppy and you could tell that they understood the importance of the little packages they were handing over. They love dogs and took great care in their process to make sure all went well for each family who met them on that delivery.
So, thank you Martin family! We are so pleased to welcome Crimson Jay the mini Goldendoodle to our home!
Fred & Joyce

Fred Bartlett

What a wonderful family

I have had several dogs, the last two being AKC Maltese who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When I picked up my Malshi on June 6, 2022, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of paperwork that was given to me by Christina; my vet will be very happy with the information provided to me. I never received any info from the other breeders other than their AKC paperwork and a form to transfer the puppy into my name. I have fallen in love with my Malshi. It is obvious that he has had lots of tender loving care by the Martin family, he is playful, loves to run around and under my picnic table, is very socialized and follows me everywhere I go. Clint called me several times as I was wishy-washy on whether to get a puppy (I was looking for a female) but I waited to long and ended up with this affectionate male puppy. I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend the Martins if you are looking for a puppy. I would give them a 6 star rating if it was available.

June Seymour

Have Never Met a Sweeter Puppy!

We met John and Pat on Saturday. They delivered our baby to us in Albany. They were great, and it was so convenient… and then we met the baby. The Martin family did such an amazing job raising our pup. I have never met such a friendly, loving and snuggly puppy. You read about all the puppy scams, so you are always concerned, no need to be concerned here. The Martins did an amazing job with him. We couldn’t be happier and will never get another pup from anywhere else!!!

Thank you!!! We are so much more than happy!!!

Carol Meaney

Highly Recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies

My husband and I got a puppy for our granddaughter from Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies and it was a great experience. They are a wonderful family that have this business and they are very knowledgeable about how to raise puppies. We found the whole experience of adoption enjoyable.
The puppies are absolutely adorable. The one we adopted is as sweet as she can be. She climbs into my granddaughter’s lap, snuggles up, and goes right to sleep after she has had some playtime.
We would highly recommend them if you are interested in a puppy!

Christina Lawyer

My beautiful baby Gizmo

IMG 0755

This is truly a unique and wonderful breeder and experience. Christina is so kind and answers all questions and keeps you informed in all aspects. Delivery of our baby was just as great. Our dog is fabulous and I have to keep my husband off web site cause he wants another dog. We have recommended them to 3 of our friends and everyone Gizmo meets. OUTSTANDING DOG AND BREEDER..🐾🐾❤

Patricia Breslin

Great experience, great puppy!


Everything went so well with adopting our Shiba Inu. From the inquiry stage, all the way to the vet check where we learned that our boy was for as a fiddle. The Martin’s are a lovely family and we’re a joy to work with. I would recommend Hopeful Dreams to family and friends. We love our little Max!! ❤

Amy Callaghan

“It’s always a pleasure”

We really can’t say enough good things about our overall experience of working with Clinton and our puppy. We are so thankful that we found you on the web. there is a bit of uncertainty when purchasing a puppy 300 plus miles away, sight unseen other than a picture or two. Clinton was so easy to work with and very accommodating every step of the way. I could tell by my first communication with him that he cares deeply for his pups and wants the best for them. We decided to go for it and take a chance. We picked up our pup ..3 days ago and he’s The sweetest Love bug around. All the neighborhood kids have met him now and have come to visit with him. It is obvious that are bugg was very socialized and handled by a loving family with children and other animals. He is such a good fit for our family! We love him. I would highly recommend hopeful dreams family puppies and say no need to hesitate if you’re looking for a puppy. Reach out to Clinton and his family you won’t be disappointed. We would surely do it again!

Carrie corso

Great addition to our family!

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Cooper (Mr. Dozer) has been a great addition to our family from the moment we picked him up. He is lovable, playful, and enjoys everything. He loves spending time outdoors and cuddling inside on the couch. Thank you!

Cecilia Owens

We adopted Hailey

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We adopted Hailey (now Maggie) in December. The process was very easy, and very professional. Maggie is a real sweetie!! We would highly recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies!!

Marnie Wood

The absolute best

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I just wanted to start off by saying this family is so professional and accommodating (sends videos/pictures of the puppy before the meeting, delivers puppy near you, provides vet records and there are large bags of the food they are used available)

Tonight is the first night with Millie (aka Flopsie). She is the perfect mix of spunky, silly, and calm. She gets her spurts of energy but loves to snuggle/ sit on my lap. I am so excited to share my days with her moving forward.

P.s. I am so grateful for Kristina being available after I got Millie to answer any and all questions.

Thank you!!

Sarah B

Puppy Love

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I happened to stumble upon Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies as I was feverishly searching for a new addition to my family. From the point of first inquiry to the time I picked him up Clinton and family were wonderful. My puppy, Bear, is a love. He’s a constant source of joy and brings a smile to everyone he meets.

Noelle Perrone


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Our adoption of our Cavapoo Teddy was our 2nd with Christina & Clinton. Both adoptions were amazing experiences and Christina & Clinton stay in touch with pics and videos before the adoption and even stay in touch after to see how your new family member is adjusting. Teddy has brought so much love to my family and he started to learn this under the care of Christina, Clinton, and their kids. I Thank You again and as always will recommend anyone searching for a puppy, check in with Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies first.

Duane Snell

The Martin family was a pleasure to work with!

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The Martin family was a pleasure to work with. Can not thank them enough for our beautiful shiba inu, Nico (Mr.Hank)!!

Megan Converse

Extremely Positive Testimonial

I purchased a Yorkshire Terrier puppy a week ago and am totally in love with her. We named her Ruby. From the first telephone conversation with Clinton, I knew I had the right place to purchase my puppy. Both he and his wife Catherine were always available to talk and reassure me of a healthy puppy. I was very trusting of them from the beginning. Within a few days, Ruby was delivered to my door by John and Pam Wilson. They are in Upstate New York and I am in Quincy, MA about 10 miles from Boston. They protected and cherished my precious cargo within 8 hours of departure. A lovely couple dedicated to this service and I highly recommend them for delivery. Also, you must purchase a blanket for your puppy, made with love by Clinton and Catherine’s daughter. 5 stars I give them all!

Judi DiGravio and Ruby

Judith DiGravio

Very happy!

20190831 210601 e1568640765651 scaled

Recently purchased the Best Cavapoo I ever dreamed of! His name is Finley! aka Donner. Healthy Happy Sweet as the day is long. Thank you to Clinton and Kristina. I am in love with him. 🐶♥️

Joanne Baldassarre

We drove down from Canada

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We drove down from Canada to pick up our Shiba Inu from Clinton and Kristina and it couldn’t have been easier. She was healthy and happy, and we were provided everything we needed to get back over the border. She is pretty well trained too, so it made it that much easier to get her used to our house. Thanks so much!


Sweet lil fluff

This family was so sweet. I recently bought a Yorkie Chon puppy from them, and he is the absolute sweetest. It was so easy to reserve a puppy online. I drove to pick him up and the 300-mile trip was definitely worth it. I would recommend hopeful dreams family puppies to anyone looking for a small breed sweetheart.
Thanks again for such a smooth process!

Sarah Clark

My best friend!

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This by far was the easiest and most efficient puppy adoption process. The Martin’s are so sweet and I could not have asked for a better experience with them. I found their website one afternoon and reached out to them that same day and by the next day I was on my way home with my new puppy. Finn (we kept his name!) is the sweetest, most playful and healthy Cockapoo! I would recommend the Martins to anyone!


Great experience!

fluffy black and brown puppy

We got our puppy, Ruby, two weeks ago from Hopeful Dreams and couldn’t be happier. She’s so cute it’s difficult to walk down the street. Everything was quick and easy with Clinton and family. They had their neighbors drive the puppy down to meet us near NYC and everything seems to be going well with the pup so far. Vet appointments all checked out and she’s a happy and healthy pup living in Brooklyn. I’ve already recommended Hopeful Dreams to a few friends and family!

Reed Katz

We Highly Recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies

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We are so happy and thankful for our experience with Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. Clinton and Kristina are so helpful and very responsive throughout the entire process, before and after! We are very grateful to have Hannah in our lives! She is just the sweetest little girlfriend ever. She is so well-rounded, loving, fun and so smart. She loves to play with her doggie girlfriends and spreads her love to all of us. We highly recommend getting your furry family member from this wonderful breeder.

Thank you,

Shannon, Bill & Hannah
Monson, Massachusetts

Shannon Lemonde & Bill Brousseau

We adopted our puppy and

We adopted our puppy and it is the perfect fit for our family. Hopeful Dreams was wonderful to work with and described our puppy’s personality perfectly. I would recommend them. They were above reproach in how they did business and really cared for the puppies.

Michelle Ancello

“what a delightful experience”

We purchased a cavapoo puppy from the martins a few months ago. What a delightful experience. The puppy is healthy, happy, loving and energetic! And the martins are so easy to deal with. Openness, honesty and willingness to make the experience as easy as possible for us. They even met us halfway on the day we picked up our puppy so that we didn’t have an eight-hour travel day. We don’t hesitate to recommend the martins and their dogs. And when we desire another puppy, they will be our choice.

Mary Anne Gummere

Honest breeder

Clinton offered my money back after I committed to buying one of his pups. He gave me all of the minor issues with two of his three pups. He offered to have the pup with an umbilical hernia stitched prior to my picking him up. He left the decision up to me. What an honest guy.


We would recommend to anyone!

If you’re looking to add a new member to your family Hopeful Dreams are great people. They take time with you but they don’t in any way try to sell you something your not sure of. I would like to say thank you so much for all the time you took with us. We would recommend to anyone. Thank You and God Bless!

Laurie Clemensw


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Hi everyone! My name is Gloria. It’s only been a day since I got my beautiful boy and I am so in love! I changed his name to Dexter. We went to a pet store to get food for Dexter and I kept getting stopped by everyone who saw him. Everyone that sees him falls in love immediately! Christine the breeder was amazing! She called me and answered all my questions. I called back a few times with questions and she was great. The best part was the amazing gentleman that delivered the puppy right to my door. His name is Bob. There is a fee for the delivery but it was so worth it. Bob makes sure the puppies are safe to travel and delivered them with care. It was the best experience I have ever had since I didn’t even get to meet Dexter before adopting him on the website. Thank you again!

Gloria Pizarro


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We brought home Daisy (now Zoë) on April 30, 3020. From day one, she has been happy and healthy. She has already learned to sit, and is doing great with potty training. Zoe loves to play in the yard with the kids and our other Havanese. She also loves to take naps in our laps. We are smitten! The process of purchasing her was very straightforward from start to finish.

Alistair Saltus

Couldn’t be happier!!!!

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Mom and Monica are inseparable! We got Monica, a Yorkie-chon, for Mom for Christmas. The Martin’s are delightful and were ready to answer any questions I had. The process was so straight forward and easy. The pup is beautiful, healthy, happy, and pure joy. Where to get a puppy is such an important decision, I am so grateful to have found Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. I look forward to getting another puppy from the Martin’s in the near future. In the mean time, I am telling all of my friends what a wonderful experience it was.

Patty Sullivan

Wonderful experience

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We adopted our 3-month-old Black Schnoodle puppy, Jasper (formerly known as Stormy) on 9/11/2021. Jasper has the sweetest temperament and he’s adjusting so well to city life. You can tell that he was socialized around children as he is always very curious to observe and greet kids at the park. Jasper is the best addition to our family. He is active, independent, intelligent, and snuggly – the perfect mix of traits in my opinion. The adoption process with Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies was incredibly smooth. Clint and Christina were patient and informative with all of my questions and coordinated an easy pick-up for us just across the Massachusetts border. Everything was incredibly easy. Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Whitney W

Amazing Experience!!

20201101 085904

We picked up our puppy yesterday. Kristina and Clinton were amazing. They went above and beyond to make sure our mini Goldendoodle Zuke (formerly Thomas) was healthy, happy and was delivered safely. Thanks to Pam and John for bringing him to the US border. The breeder Warren Horst obviously did a great job raising him for 14 weeks. We would highly recommend Hopeful Dreams Puppies to anyone❤

Shirley Merlin

Wonderful schnoodle!

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Five months ago, we welcomed our schnoodle puppy “Brownie” (formerly “Cindy”) into our family. Since the day she came to us, she has been a wonderful puppy: friendly, well socialized, affectionate and healthy. She is great with children and she is well known in our neighborhood as the sweetest and friendliest puppy around. We have two family members with pet allergies so we wanted to make sure that Brownie was from purebred mini schnauzer and mini poodle parents. Clinton and Kristina patiently answered all of our questions and made the entire process stress free. As we are from the Boston area, Clinton and Kristina’s neighbors, Pam and John, met us part way and our experience with them was excellent as well. Thank you Clinton and Kristina! We hope you have a very happy Holiday!

Pam and Justin

Maggie doodle (Chocolate Chip)

B963C9F3 4C3E 482F 809B 91592B562273 scaled

My mother (Wendy) was looking for a new puppy and we went online and loved everything we saw-we had some questions and were a little hesitant at first because other people we reached out to wouldn’t call us but immediately we spoke with Kristina and Clinton on the phone and they were so helpful in helping us find a schnoodle puppy. We drove all the way from Vermont and when we got there to meet chocolate chip we immediately fell in love with her. We named her Maggie Doodle and that was almost 8 months ago. Kristina welcomed us into her home as if we were family and we got to play with Maggie and get to know her more. If you are looking for a new puppy to add to your family the Martin Family is where you need to go. These puppies are around children and are so well behaved. Maggie was already pretty much potty trained when we got home. Thank you so much Kristina and Clinton! We love Maggie Doodle (chocolate chip) so much and can’t thank you enough. 🙂 She truly is a blessing and the light of our life.

Breeanna Blanchette & Wendy Blanchette

Min pin

20210113 063254

Thank you so much. We got our puppy right before Thanksgiving and he is more than wonderful. Very healthy and happy. Rudy does have lots of energy and thanks to you gets along fine with the other dog. You guys are awesome.


Wonderful breeders.

Amazing family, beautiful puppies who were given so much love, attention, and space to run around while they are waiting for their forever home. We drove for five hours, and we were not disappointed.

Krista Barnett

I love my Lucy

Lucy Marie

This is Lucy Marie Appello! I got Lucy when she was only about 8 weeks old and she has been a dream come true. My very first dog. Smart, loving, soft, cuddly, and fun. Seven months old now and totally healthy and happy. I highly recommend Hopeful Dreams for your new best friend! Happy Holidays and thank you so much for my baby!

Deb Appello

100% satisfied

I recently adopted Freddie, a Cava-Chin puppy, from Hopeful Dreams. I couldn’t have made a better choice, of breeder or breed

Kristina and Clinton were helpful and kept in touch with me while I was making my decision, without making me feel any pressure. Since I had never adopted or raised a puppy before, I needed that kind of understanding and support.

Freddie was pronounced healthy and happy by my local vet this week, and he is a complete delight.

Thank you, Clinton and Kristina!

Carol Parker

We are so happy to welcome Miss Fran!

Resized 20200319 000823

We are so happy to welcome Miss Fran into your family. She has been a very welcome addition. We have now named her Miss Jenny! She is she a joy to us! Let’s just she rules the roost.
We can’t say enough about the Martin family! We called them at 5:00 Wednesday March 18th to see if we could come over and see Miss Fran. They were very happy to have us. It took us 2.5 hours to get there and they were very welcoming.
We left with Miss Fran and met a great family.
I would highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy, to give them a call!

Jim & Mary La Londe

Mary La Londe

Easy and transparent adoption

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We adopted Lou, our 10-week-old schnoodle, from Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies. The family is extremely responsive and transparent throughout the process, and the puppy drop off was a breeze. Lou is an absolute delight. He has made our lives so happy.

Sophie Lipman

Astounding Genetic Results; WISDOM PANEL Canine DNA Test

Lola 4 months final

I always recommend Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies whether I am talking to friends & family or customers on the phone at work. I provided the contact info to a customer of mine yesterday. I put my beautiful Lola on a Wellness Plan at the vet and the DNA test is part of the package. I was beyond thrilled, overjoyed, and relieved to get the test results back. My baby girl is as healthy as a dog can possibly be! Because of responsible and honest breeders that have a true love and passion for animals, I have a beautiful companion that will live a long and healthy life! My Mini Goldendoodle tested 50/50 Golden Retriever & Miniature Poodle, was cleared of more than 158 conditions & mutations that could potentially cause her to become ill or shorten her lifespan.
God Bless all that contribute to Hopeful Dreams and your beautiful pups!
Love and Gratitude Always!
Patty and Lola (woof)

Patty Sullivan

love your puppies


I got a cocker spaniel from them and you can tell their puppies are well-loved and taken care of. My puppy is so loveable.
I plan on getting another puppy from them in a few months or so.


We found our dream puppy!

52BBC41A 4D27 41A0 8DEC 49E34B05BBCA scaled e1581344343764

We got our Cavapoo, Piper, from Kristina and Clinton. They were so helpful throughout the entire process and always were available to answer our constant questions. We are so grateful to them for helping us find our sweet, new puppy and would highly recommend getting a puppy from them!

-Alexis and Cassandra

Alexis Stewart

I was so thrilled!

Lola 1

I was so thrilled to be able to pick up Lola given the situation with the Coronavirus. She is a ray of sunshine in the midst of this mess. Lola is an angel and pure joy! Lola is beautiful, smart, and just as sweet as can be! 4 days in and she already lets me know when she needs to go out. I am having so much fun playing with her, spoiling her, and training her! I can’t thank Warren, Clinton, and Christina enough for making this happen. You have such a great system and make the transaction and delivery of the puppies so easy, it’s a pleasure to work with you! Both dogs I have gotten from you have been beautiful, healthy and happy!

Patty Sullivan

Love our pup!!

20200713 122132 scaled

I can’t say enough about our experience with hopeful dreams And our new puppy! The Martin family was so great to work with and you can tell They took such good care of our new puppy.
They answered every question that we had and were even willing to meet us to drop her off to us. Some of the Breeders we called did not call us back or were rude when they did!

We can’t thank you enough Hopeful Dreams for our new family member. 💜

Kelley Swann

Absolute Joy!

20200422 103450 scaled

We picked up our Morkiepoo Tyler aka Thor two weeks ago and he has brought so much joy to all of us. He’s the happiest, sweetest, most playful little guy ever. Our experience with the Martin family was fantastic! Everyone was great to deal with. We definitely recommend adopting a puppy from them. Thank you so much for our new baby! ❤

Concetta Sarus