Decent people, adorable puppies

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Before this experience, I had always adopted older, shelter/rescue dogs, so deciding to get a puppy from someone who raised them was exciting but also filled with many questions and concerns. I did a fair amount searching for a puppy before I found the Martin’s website and was encouraged by all the positive reviews. Indeed, Clinton was wonderful to deal with from start to finish. After I brought my little Elliot (Mr Perki) home and had still more questions, Clinton continued to respond to me in a timely manner and he was very open and helpful in answering my questions. I find the Martins to be kind, honest, and decent people who genuinely care about the pups they raise. My little guy was very social and able to go everywhere with me immediately. Elliot was already crate trained and is a little snuggle bug who just loves to be with me all the time. I could not be more pleased with the experience and would recommend the Martin family to anyone looking for a puppy.

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