Healthy, Happy, and Super Sweet Pup!

Our Family

We adopted our miniature dachshund Kirby (previously known as Mr. Tanner) in September of 2020. It was extremely clear that the Martin family took great care of him before he finally came home to us. We received pictures and videos and they were great at communicating with us about our concerns. The drivers met us about halfway to pick Kirby up and everything has been perfect since then. He is in excellent health and has been so sweet since day one. He has a big personality for such a little dog! We are so grateful to the Martins that we got to bring Kirby into our family and everything about the experience has been wonderful.
If any of “Mr. Tanner’s” siblings would like to see what he’s up to these days, feel free to follow him on Instagram! He is @kirby.the.doxie.

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