Wonderful schnoodle!

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Five months ago, we welcomed our schnoodle puppy “Brownie” (formerly “Cindy”) into our family. Since the day she came to us, she has been a wonderful puppy: friendly, well socialized, affectionate and healthy. She is great with children and she is well known in our neighborhood as the sweetest and friendliest puppy around. We have two family members with pet allergies so we wanted to make sure that Brownie was from purebred mini schnauzer and mini poodle parents. Clinton and Kristina patiently answered all of our questions and made the entire process stress free. As we are from the Boston area, Clinton and Kristina’s neighbors, Pam and John, met us part way and our experience with them was excellent as well. Thank you Clinton and Kristina! We hope you have a very happy Holiday!

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