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Shichon Teddy Bear

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A proud member of the Teddy Bear Dog Club (dogs with a strange resemblance to Teddy Bears), this pup is a prize. This pup is soft, sweet, playful, and cuddly. It is jovial, kid-friendly, and does not shed. The Shichon is a Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu designer dog mix. Their little size makes them even lovelier, and they are very proud of this fact. And why not be? They may be small in stature but only because they have giant minds and hearts.

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This is Lucy Marie Appello! I got Lucy when she was only about 8 weeks old and she has been a dream come true. My very first dog. Smart, loving, soft, cuddly, and fun. Seven months old now and totally healthy and happy. I highly recommend Hopeful Dreams for your new best friend! Happy Holidays […]
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Deb Appello
We couldn’t be happier for our new pomsky. Very lovable and sociable and in great health. Clayton informed us ahead of time that the puppy is getting treated for diarrhea so we know what to expect. And they meet us halfway from where we are to make the 4 hour trip doable. Can’t believe we […]
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